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What are you Dying To Know?

Answers to questions sent to us through FaceBook and the website. If your question is not answered - email us and we will add it!

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“What happens if you don’t have an Advance Care Plan?”

This is a brilliant question which has a “nothing” and “everything” answer to it depending on the circumstances....

“What happens to my children if my partner and I die and we don’t have a Will or plans in place?”

Another great question and remembering that we are not a legal advice service, let us explore this...

“Do I have to have a funeral?”

The short answer is No. There are rules around care of the body and registering the death, but no legal requirement to have a funeral service....

“What actually happens when we die?”

This is important information that seems to have been lost in how death is portrayed in the media. Yes, it might be confronting, but the facts are...

“Can the Hospital stop me from taking Mum home?”

There are lots of things that go into answering this question. 

However, the real answer comes from answering the hidden question

 “Why would the Hospital not want Mum to go home?”...

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