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Community Education

The network-focused model utilises the health literacy principles of education, communication, consumer participation and engagement, as well as respecting the attitudes and beliefs of everyone and promoting a supportive and positive organisational culture.

By 'bridging' the divide between the formal health services and community or 'informal' support groups, Shannon’s Bridge is well placed to foster the Compassionate Community philosophy.


Community education about end of life care is not just the domain of hospitals and specialists. Palliative care at end of life is ‘everyone’s business’, and should be something the entire community values and contributes too.


Raising awareness about palliative care, and how the community can contribute, is a big focus of the public forums we are involved with. Knowing more about death and dying can help reduce fear and uncertainty for some people. 

Our education is conducted mostly at community but we link with the local health services as well. The work that specialist and generalised palliative care services do is remarkable - but they are stretched thin. They need community buy in to make home based palliative care work. All the medicine and equipment in the world won't help if the Carer is too burnt out to continue in that role.

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