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Upskilling and Equipping Communities Project (UECP)

Shannon’s Bridge is a volunteer run charity that supports families with end of life needs. We work in with the health services and ‘bridge’ gaps between services with the aim that everyone has access to support when they are caring, dying or grieving, no matter where they live. The two main areas of our work are equipment and volunteering.


Since 2017 Shannon's Bridge has been helping communities to get access to aides and equipment quickly and without cost to the family.


We have a large equipment loan pool and donates the equipment to community groups for use in their region. There is no cost for the equipment, delivery of the equipment to the groups, education on using the equipment or ongoing telephone support.


Our only requirement is that the equipment is loaned out without charge to families.


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Shannon’s Bridge volunteers also fill gaps between service providers for simple assistance tasks like shopping, transport, sitting with someone for an hour while a family member takes a break. People volunteer in areas they feel comfortable and it is usually tasks that they are already doing as part of their service club roles. Our training includes communication, confidentiality, what palliative care is, how to support a family with end of life needs and self-care.

Customised approach

Just like all communities, different service clubs and organisations will have different interests and strengths. This project can be explored by a group without ongoing commitment to providing any equipment or volunteers, to be viewed simply as education and increasing awareness of palliative care. Or groups can opt for full involvement with equipment and volunteering, or to combination or level between. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ but rather an approach which compliments the interest level of a group and the gaps needing filling in that community.


It does not have high administrative or reporting burden to add to already busy service club or organisation. This project is a high impact with minimal use of group resources and can make a lasting difference to families dealing with end of life issues.


All questions and correspondence related to the UECP to be directed to:

Dr Claire Hepper

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