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Shannon's Packs

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A combination of emergency symptom control equipment & instructions to deliver the care and support for patients and families.


The first pack was created when Shannon needed the contents to help make her comfortable at home when she was dying. We are sending the packs out to GPs across Victoria.

GPs can then use the pack to "bridge" the gap between the patient's needs and what is available for that patient in their preferred place of care.

It is a "Just in Case" or emergency pack that is aimed to reduce presentations to Emergency Departments, especially on weekends or in areas without 24 hour nursing or medical support.

This pack is not designed to replace the important work of specialist palliative care services in our communities. It is a response to the physical gaps in service delivery and resources in some regional areas.

Would you like to donate?

Shannon's Packs are being created for local areas by the donations and fundraising of community members and groups. 

This is a community initiative born out of need, made by the community and for the community.

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