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Professional Quality of Life Scale



When you care for people you have direct contact with their lives. As you may have found, your compassion for those you care for can affect you in positive and negative ways.


The survey has some statements about your experiences, both positive and negative, as a caregiver.

Consider each of the following questions about you and your current work situation. Select the number that honestly reflects how frequently you experienced these things in the last 30 days.

The ProQOL scale is designed to be a screening tool on the positive and negative impacts of caring.

It is not a diagnosis of Compassion Fatigue but if you score highly (>42) on the 'Burnout' scale or 'Secondary Trauma Stress' Scales you might want to talk with your supervisor or doctor.

More information on Compassion Fatigue HERE and at the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project.

If you do think your risk of Compassion Fatigue is increased, no matter what the survey says, talk with your doctor and look at ways to increase your Resilience (check out the resources at Mind Tools and Healthy Caregiving).

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